The World of Pain is a heavily modified Multi-User-Dungeon based on CircleMUD 3.0. It is still a growing MUD, and the code is still under construction. The bugs are being worked out, and new features are constantly in the works. Current features include:
  • Unlimited mortal levels, and never-ending adventure.
  • A sophisticated PK system with several PK area types.
  • A structured clan system with ranks and noble titles.
  • Periodic quests with monetary and equipment-based rewards.
  • A steadily growing, friendly character base.
  • A hardworking, dedicated immortal staff.
To Play:
Use a mud client, such as Mudlet or Tintin++, or just a plain telnet client. We recommend Mudlet as we have graphical integration with the mud and their mapper as well as tabbed chats and status bars. If you have a mud client, you can connect to the mud at WORLDOFPA.IN, port 6969
New to the realm? Check out our New Player Guide!

NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS: You will all be held responsible for the information contained within the Roleplay section. Read it and pay attention! Roleplaying is not only encouraged, it is required!

Latest News:

11/15/2018: The World of Pain has been brought back from the dead!

The World of Pain has been resurrected by Blizzard. (again) We've spent some time fixing major crashing bugs and making the mud run better. We still have a lot of work and testing to do, but you are welcome to play and help us test things out. Please write any bugs you find on the problems board (west, west, south from the Woodhaven Cathedral) or use the BUG command.
Here are some more details on the new World of Pain:
  • Player files and passwords from the old system are gone. NO previous characters exist.
  • There will be NO equipment restoration.
  • The zones of the realm have been restored to the way they were in late-2001.
  • The web help system has been significantly enhanced.
  • Web pages are now mobile device-friendly, including the help system.
  • The entire MUD is now backed up daily on AWS. We'll never lose things again.

The Old World of Pain Immortal Staff:

Pain, Dionysus, Blizzard, Slayer, Ldygodiva, Tiedie, Zekkon, Undertaker, Triniak, Tempest, Rah, Sithas, Skylarq, Kane, Motaba, Sylvestr, Aliana, Psiona, Electro, Reiko, Eldrik, Talon, Delecti, Havoc, and Farley.

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